Pueblo style weddings

Pueblo-style weddings

Celebrate love and union through an authentic traditional festivity in Todos Santos. From the wedding procession, to the flowers that decorate your bouquet, to a spectacular dinner and cheery music that will bring couple and guests to the dance floor; having your wedding in Todos Santos means to surround that great moment of your life with pure magic.

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Save The Date Todos Santos

Todos Santos has a unique, magical vibe that makes every visitor fall in love with it. Its cobblestone streets, its bougainvillea flowers, its 200 year-old mission. Now imagine your wedding procession going through those same streets, with live music by your side, colors adorning the mojigangas, your parents and guests from all over Mexico and the world, walking next to you, happy for you.

Todos Santos is the ideal place for your wedding. This magical town in Baja California Sur offers its natural beauty, a unique gastronomy and traditions that will bring color to your great bond. Each of the places available for these events have their own personality and are fully equipped to meet the expectations of an event as important as your wedding. The destination has enough hotels to accommodate your guests and agencies specializing in arranging weddings so that every flower, music, food, and detail is perfect, just as you want it to be for your big event.

Wedding Planner in Baja

For this great event you will need the support of a professional who takes care of all the details that may arise before, during and after your wedding. Remember that as tradition dictates, your wedding is composed of three days of celebration and joy that you will share with all of your guests.

For the lodging you should not worry. Whether your guests book in Todos Santos or in Cabos, we will provide all the resources to avoid the complications of moving around the area.

For those who decide to stay at any of the hotels in Cabo San Lucas, we will provide the transportation service of your choice. From vans with capacity to transport 14 people at a time, or Suburban type vehicles for a maximum of 7 people. Getting to Todos Santos from Cabos takes about 50 minutes.

It would be ideal to stay at one of the amazing hotels in Todos Santos. You may choose the newly opened Hotel San Cristóbal, with its palm trees, aloe vera fields, chapel and endless view towards the Pacific Ocean.

In the historical downtown you will also find the Todos Santos Inn, a building that dates back to 1870 but that has been remodeled and conditioned with luxurious details to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. You will feel like you are living a fairytale told by Gabriel García Márquez. Another great option is Guaycura Boutique Hotel Beach Club & Spa, decorated with a Mexican touch, it has a beautiful terrace with an outdoor pool and a bar with the best view of this oasis. If you have a wedding for 120 people in mind, this destination has enough rooms for each guest.

Icebreaking Sunset

According to tradition, the pre-party is celebrated so that all the guests relax after their travels and can get to know each other in a welcoming atmosphere. El Faro beach club is a perfect place to receive your guests and set the tone for the weekend. This place offers a warm, attentive and personalized service. It has an infinity pool, a seafood restaurant and a spa with health treatments.

The soundtrack of the evening may come from the saxophone of Terry Townsend or Bill Devine, two musicians who made Todos Santos their home. Also, your Wedding Planner can get you a great DJ to play the best tunes.

We know how important it is for the bride and her  bridal party to get the right makeup and hair artists, do not worry, the service of experts like the stylist Susan Morel can be hired. Appointments can be scheduled directly in your hotel room and turned into a session of fun and  beauty.

Celebrate your great day
in Todos Santos

Great Day Todos Santos

Today is the great day, the event you have dreamed of forever and in which you have invested effort, time and a lot of love to make perfect. Whatever you believe in, be it a priest, pastor, rabbi or judge, the place where you will unite your lives will be the perfect scenario to exchange your vows.

The great event begins with the wedding procession through town. All your happy guests celebrating you while following the calendas, those huge artisanal figures that dance to the sound of the live group that plays in the parade. The old buildings, main square and kiosk, bring a magical touch to the celebration. The parade ends at the doors of the Todos Santos Mission, where the altar awaits. Or you can algo choose the main square as a ceremonial center to say yes and unite your life with your beloved’s.

From here we move on to the party. You have previously chosen the place and the dynamics. There is a seating chart for the guests, executed with perfect attention to detail by the team assigned to the event.

Each dish is prepared exactly as you chose it with your Wedding Planner, which at all times stays in place, discreet, solving any and all requests that may arise so that you and your guests can enjoy this great love party without any concerns. Everything is covered. The most important event of your life, the one you dreamed of, became a reality in Todos Santos, the perfect destination for love.


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The service includes


  • Transportation of the couple
  • Transportation of guests
  • Bilingual driver
  • Insurance
  • Gas
  • Chic Accommodation in Todos Santos



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Hotel pick up

We will pick you promptly at the airport. Beforehand we will request your flight number and airline in order to be attentive and monitor your arrival time.

Transport to Todos Santos or Los Cabos

Depending on the agenda you’ve chosen we will drive you to explore Los Cabos or the magical town of Todos Santos. It takes 35 minutes to reach the first destination and about 60 minutes to get to the second.

Drop you off at your Hotel

We’ll take you to the “icebreaker”.

We know your program. So we are aware that on the first day there will be a meeting with the “inlaws”. So why don’t we go to a bar, terrace, balcony, pool, or any that they have chose.

We’ll take you to church or the main square

Whatever your beliefs are let us know and we will take you to the right location.

We’ll take you to the Reception

Everything is ready, the ceremony is over, it’s time to celebrate. It’s such a special day, everyone is being their best selves, enjoy it and let this become the best day of your life.